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The 14th state in the USA, admitted on March 4, 1791.

Vermont, The Green Mountain State was originally colonized by France, however the region was claimed by England after the French and Indian War ended in 1763. Vermont was the first state to be added to the 13 original colony states on March 4th 1791. Vermont is distinguished by being the first state to abolish slavery and support public schools in it's constitution. Known for it's spectacular fall foliage, rolling mountains and picturesque villages. Vermont is one the healthiest states with one of the lowest rates for smoking, obesity and AIDS in the nation. It is also a popular winter playground with over a dozen winter sport resorts.. Vermont is the primary source for maple syrup in the US. Much of the nations granite and marble is quarried in Vermont. Some better know Vermonters include John Deere and Calvin Coolidge.

Some facts about Vermont:

State Abbreviation: VT
Population: 625,741
Area: 9,614 square miles
State Nickname: The Green Mountain State
State Motto: Freedom and Unity
State Capital: Montpelier
Largest City: Burlington
Official Web Site: http://www.vermont.gov/


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