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The 45th state in the USA, admitted on January 4, 1896.

The name Utah derives from an American Indian tribe known as the Utes, which means the "people of the mountains." However, the majority of Utahns and Utah culture are not Indian. Somewhere between 58 and 72 percent of the Utah population are Mormon (part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) which greatly influences culture and way of life. About 80 percent of Utah's entire population is located on the Wasatch Front around Salt Lake City. The fact that most of the Utah population can be found in one area helps explain why Utah is such a major tourist destination for outdoor recreation. Utah hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics at the Olympic Park in Park city.

Some facts about Utah:

State Abbreviation: UT
Population: 2,763,885
Area: 84,899 square miles
State Nickname: The Beehive State
State Motto: Industry
State Capital: Salt Lake City
Largest City: Salt Lake City
Official Web Site: http://www.utah.gov/


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