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New Mexico

The 47th state in the USA, admitted on January 6, 1912.

New Mexico was named by a 16th Century Spanish Conquistador explorer named Francisco Vazquez de Coronado in 1542. On March 14, 1917, "O, Fair New Mexico", a song written by Elizabeth Garrett, was adopted as its official state song. New Mexico adopted its official nickname "Land of Enchantment" on April 8, 1999. New Mexico's capital "Santa Fe" is the highest capital in the United States, sitting at 7,000 feet above sea level. New Mexico's highest mountain is 13,161 feet and is called "Wheeler Peak" located in Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) range. New Mexico is also known for being 1 of 4 states that borders meet at the same point, known as the "4 Corners." The other 3 states are Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.

Some facts about New Mexico:

State Abbreviation: NM
Population: 2,059,179
Area: 121,589 square miles
State Nickname: The Land of Enchantment
State Motto: Crescit eundo
State Capital: Santa Fe
Largest City: Albuquerque
Official Web Site: http://www.newmexico.gov/


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