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The 37th state in the USA, admitted on March 1, 1867.

Nebraska name came from an Oto Indian word meaning "Flat Water." The French actually named it after the "Platte River" meaning "Broad River." Nebraska has two official nicknames, "Cornhusker State" and "Tree Planters' State." On June 21, 1967, "Beautiful Nebraska", a song written by Jim Fras and Guy G. Miller, was adopted as its official state song. Nebraska also has the largest hand-planted forest called "Halsey national Forrest" which is near Thedford. Nebraska's state flower the "Goldenrod" was declared on April 4, 1895. Weeping Water is the largest limestone deposit and producer. Nebraska's highest point is Panorama point, sitting at 5,424 feet. Nebraska's capital building cost $9,800,440.07 in 1932 and was paid for by the end of construction.

Some facts about Nebraska:

State Abbreviation: NE
Population: 1,826,341
Area: 77,354 square miles
State Nickname: The Cornhusker State
State Motto: Equality before the law
State Capital: Lincoln
Largest City: Omaha
Official Web Site: http://www.nebraska.gov/


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