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The 1st state in the USA, admitted on December 7, 1787.

The State of Delaware is a curiously shaped area that makes up a part of the Eastern Coast of the United States. Only 1,954 square miles, Delaware is a wedge shaped peninsula that shares a border with its northern neighbors of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland in the shape of an arc, the only such border in the United States. Initially settled by the Dutch, Delaware changed hands in 1682. The Governor of Pennsylvania acquired the territory and ruled the two as a whole until 1704 when the Provence of Pennsylvania separated to avoid the approval of the Lower Counties. Delaware was a slightly reluctant participant in the American Revolution but the actions of several native patriots such as military leader John Haslet, proved to be important to the war. Currently, Delaware is the second smallest state in the country. It boasts a healthy tourist industry, and robust interstate commerce. Additionally, due to its generous corporate tax laws, Delaware hosts the largest number of corporate headquarters in the nation.

Some facts about Delaware:

State Abbreviation: DE
Population: 897,934
Area: 2,489 square miles
State Nickname: The First State
State Motto: Liberty and Independence
State Capital: Dover
Largest City: Wilmington
Official Web Site: http://www.delaware.gov/


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