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The 5th state in the USA, admitted on January 9, 1788.

The name Connecticut is the Anglicized version of an Algonquian word "quinatucquet", translated "upon the long river." That river (the Connecticut) along with the Thames River give the state it's best access to the Atlantic Ocean, for the state has no direct ocean access. Despite that, Connecticut has a strong maritime history. Connecticut has several nicknames, including the Nutmeg State, Constitution State and The Land of Steady Habits. The state's first constitution was passed in 1639 and the state played a big role in creating the United States Federal Government. The state is routinely ranked as having the nation's highest per capita income and median household income. Connecticut's 2010 total gross state product was $237 billion, with a portion coming through the state's financial services industry.

Some facts about Connecticut:

State Abbreviation: CT
Population: 3,574,097
Area: 5,543 square miles
State Nickname: The Constitution State
State Motto: Qui transtulit sustinet
State Capital: Hartford
Largest City: Bridgeport
Official Web Site: http://www.ct.gov/


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