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The 22nd state in the USA, admitted on December 14, 1819.

Known as The Heart of Dixie, about three-fifths of Alabama's land area is comprised of plains with a gradual descent toward the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi River. Because of an abundance of flat land near mineral-rich water, Alabama is also part of the "Black Belt" due to its dark, rich soil. Alabama's economy was born out of agriculture, with many vast cotton plantations in the 1800's worked by slave labor. Since then, Alabama has worked to diversify its economy and today is the nation's fourth largest automobile manufacturer. College football is the state's past time. The University of Auburn (2011) and the University of Alabama (2010) won the last two BCS college football national titles. Notable Alabamans include Nat King Cole, Helen Keller and The Commodores.

Some facts about Alabama:

State Abbreviation: AL
Population: 4,779,736
Area: 52,419 square miles
State Nickname: The Cotton State
State Motto: Audemus jura nostra defendere
State Capital: Montgomery
Largest City: Birmingham
Official Web Site: http://www.alabama.gov/


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