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The 49th state in the USA, admitted on January 3, 1959.

Alaska is know as the largest state in the U.S. Alaska has many other states ha indians. They roamed the lands in creating many society. The weather is very humid , with some areas that receive drys spots. Most part of the states stays under freezing beside one region. The region that does stay above is called Juneau. With the extreme cold there is few lands that make it possible to farm. Though; with the lack of farms the state is big in fishing. There history show less bloodshed as they are also one of the farthest states from the main land of states. Alaska is so far from the main states that they do not get a state fair like all the other stets do. To make for this the people make up there own fairs and have them in the many villages or towns that in Alaska. The states was fifteenth in the states for a high gross. The main industrious in the state is the oil field and gas fields. They also export a lot of seafood. There are sixteen boroughs. Boroughs is how the state is divide by instead of countries. They have many forms of travel as they do not have many roads that leave the villages. The people use ferry's and planes as the main transport to get to another village.

Some facts about Alaska:

State Abbreviation: AK
Population: 710,231
Area: 663,267 square miles
State Nickname: The Last Frontier
State Motto: North to the future
State Capital: Juneau
Largest City: Anchorage
Official Web Site: http://www.state.ak.us/


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